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I Hate Cat Training…and Other Daily Irritants

Can you train a cat in ten minutes? Not hardly! Should your cat go to obedience school? Save your dollars; it is not necessary. You can be all that your cat needs to learn socially acceptable behavior.

So training is evidently, the first step to proper cat care. How does cat training in 10 minutes sound? Everything your kitty needs to know will be taught to him in ten minutes! Six hundred seconds of intense miraculous training! Ready to write your check?

Now…get serious. Cat training in ten minutes sounds good on paper, but training is all about consistency and reinforcement. Training aids are one thing that will make cat training a lot easier on you and your cat. The following aids are great ways to improve cat behavior and that all-too-distinct curious “style”.

Got a litter tray? Got a litter box that your cat loves and uses? Indoor cats come with a few irritations, like dealing with the litter and dirt that come along with ownership. If you want a clean home, then a litter box will be one of your best friends and a valuable training aid. They sure make cleaning up after your cat a whole lot easier. And, don’t be shocked, but there are even some cat owners out there who actually toilet train their cat.

Cat grass is a fabulous invention. Since cats are such curious creatures and they love to chew and chomp, having cat grass available will allow them to enjoy a plant of their very own.

Cats are known nesters and so you should create an area just for this purpose. Cat condos are lovely examples of nesting areas. Most cats like to get high above the action and look down on everything, so being able to nest in a high spot is their idea of heaven on earth. You can teach your cat to move into the new area you have created by placing a favorite toy there or rubbing the area with a favorite treat. The smell is sure to attract them to the new nest.

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Cat treats, cat condos, balls of yarn, litter boxes…all of these cat training tools can make reinforcing positive behavior much easier. Remember, tolerance and consistency are still two crucial parts of cat training, regardless of the training tools you have on hand. And never forget, there is no “cat training in ten minutes”…so don’t waste your money on any program promising such.

Cat training in ten minutes simply does not exist. Cats, like many animals, will require training to be incorporated into their daily lives in order for it to work. But don’t be detered, cat training is certainly worth all the time you put into it.

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