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Cat Training And You

by blmurch Cats by their very nature, are quite independent animals, making the prospect of cat training seem quite difficult, if not impossible. Although your cat may seem stubborn and much too independent, changing your cat's behavior can be successfully achieved through training. It just requires following the right strategies,

Toyger Cat and Kitten Information

by yesudeep The Toyger is a designer breed of cat that is bred to look like a small tiger. They are currently being further developed as a breed with the goal developing appearance traits that get closer to the tiger. Like a tiger, they are striped with clack and orange

Training Your Kitten What Not to Do

by bluegreen405 OK, we can motivate cats to do what we want - what about when they do things we don't want? In general, behaviors that go unrewarded will become less and less frequent over time - there is little point in the cat investing energy in an action if

Kitten Advice For New Owners

by SaurabhChatterjee It's a great feeling when you first bring your cute little kitten home for the first time. For the rest of their life they're going to look to you for food, water, comfort and affection much like a child does. When you find yourself wondering how you're going