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10 Australian Animals to Avoid

Australia is an extremely diverse country and this by far extends to the realms of the Animal kingdom. While many of Australia’s creatures may seem cute and cuddly, there are a few out there that can be extremely dangerous.

Avoiding these animals at all costs is essential to not only your safety, but also the enjoyment of your Australian holiday.

Australia’s top 10 animals to avoid include:

1. Box Jellyfish

Frequenting Australia’s northern oceans all year round, the box jellyfish is claimed to be the most venomous animals known to mankind.

At its most lethal during the summer months, this creature will sting you with its tentacles without a thought, leaving you in indescribable pain and in some cases can be fatal.

Avoid swimming at beaches with signs indicating their presence.

2. Salt Water Crocodile

As the world’s largest reptile, the salt water crocodile never fails to frighten. Found on the northern coast of Australia, these animals have been known to wonder 100 kilometres inland and to reach a whopping 7 metres long and 1000 KG in weight.

These animals are extremely territorial and will attack anyone they believe wishes to harm their young. So if you see one, steer clear and do not approach.

3. Brown Snake

As one of Australia’s deadliest snakes, the Brown Snake is by far one of the most dangerous creatures slithering around our land.

Their venom is so dangerous that if a human is bitten and left untreated, the results are often fatal. While they mainly feast on the likes of mice, rats, small birds, lizards and sometimes other snakes, they have been known to bite humans who invade their territory or disturb them.

4. Blue Ring Octypus

The Blue Ring Octypus may be small in size, but one can carry enough poison to kill 26 adults within minutes.
Frequenting the area between southern Western Australia, southern Queensland and northern Tasmania, these creatures are not particularly aggressive, but this doesn’t mean you should feel the need to swim up and touch one.

5. Red Back Spider

As one of Australia’s most recognisable creatures, the red back spider is easily recognisable thanks to its famous red back.

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Widespread across Australia, the bite of a red back spider can be life threatening so victims should seek immediate assistance.

6. Stonefish

Found primarily in the tropic of Capricorn, the stonefish is a mottled brown-greenish in colour with many venomous spines along its back.

The sting of a stonefish has been known to cause excruciating pain, with other symptoms including muscle weakness, temporary paralysis and sometimes even death.

7. Tiger Snake

Found in southern and eastern Australia, the tiger snake is known for its tiger-like markings.

While its venom is strong, there are treatments readily available to avoid what would otherwise be a fatal injury.

8. Great White Shark

These torpedo-shaped giants of the ocean may seem frightening, but in reality they are not as dangerous as we may think.

While they can trabel through the water at impressive speeds of 24 kilometres per hour, their attacks on humans are actually rare, with only 30 to 50 attacks reported annually worldwide.

9. Funnel Web Spider

Known as one of the world’s deadliest spiders, the Funnel-web is a large black spider with a shiny head and a body that has been known to range up to 5cm long.

Found in most Australian states, the venom of the funnel-web is highly toxic and all species should be considered potentially dangerous.

10. Kangaroo

While they may seem cute and cuddly, kangaroos can actually be very dangerous. Their sharp claws and powerful tail makes them a force to be reckoned with, especially if you try and get up too close.

Tourists beware: DO NOT touch or try to play with these animals; things could get nasty!

Christine Barton is a Content Writer for Discovery Campervan Hire, Australia’s travel focused online campervan hire company. She also writes frequently for Discovery’s Motorhome Hire New Zealand and enjoys travel around the world.
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