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Collecting Stuffed Animals – Getting Started

People enjoy collecting things. Having and expanding a collection is a great hobby that can be pursued for a lifetime. Collecting the things is fun, but you have to choice the right type of objects to collect to avoid fruitless searches and frustration. Here is a great suggestion: plush toys!

Plush toys have the advantages of being easy to obtain, esthetically pleasing, highly variable, and personal to each collector. It’s easy to make your own collection distinctive and fun to use.

Stuffed Animals Collection – Why You Should Start One

Here are several reasons why stuffed animal toys make such a terrific collectible:

They are sold in many places and are widely available at reasonable prices. Even a beginning collector should have no trouble finding a good variety.

You can grow your collection simply and naturally. Friends and family may add to it with gifts for various occasions, since stuffed animals are popular gifts.

Stuffed animals are easy to store, even when your home doesn’t have much spare room. They can be placed on top of beds or other furniture, stored all in one place or scattered around.

They are low maintenance collectibles which do not require special conditions for storage, just a quick occasional dusting.

Stuffed toys can be very nostalgic, bringing back fond memories of the place you bought it or the person who gave it to you. I still have the stuffed tiger my parents bought for me on a family vacation when I was eight and it reminds me of that trip every time that I see it.

Stuffed Animals Collection – Where to Begin

Now that you see how simple and satisfying such a collection can be, here are some tips to get you started.

Start with a theme. This makes your collection more unified. A central theme provides a good starting point. For instance, you could have a big cat theme. There are great looking and cuddly lions, tigers, panthers, and other jungle cats available. Or you could go with a forest theme. A plush owl, wolf, or bear would be a good start.

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Some people prefer a fantasy creature theme, with unicorns and dragons. You could also have a color theme and chose your toys by color. Of course you could also start with realistic animals, animals of a certain size or just pick the ones that you think are cute: plush dogs, teddy bears, and anything else you can think of. If you start with just a few that you really like, the rest is easy.

Be sure to keep on eye out for cool stuffed toys when you go on vacation or have to travel for some reason. Most places that you visit have neat stuffed toys that relate to the location. You can find them in airports, hotel gift shops, historic sites, and tourist destinations in addition to local stores. These toys are often decorated with an insignia or flag that is of local interest.

For example, I have a cute Nessie from Loch Ness. This type of toy makes a great souvenir for your collection. There are also holiday themed plush animals. These stuffed toys are unique and help you remember the special times and trips from over the course of your life. What a fantastic way to preserve your memories!

Hopefully you now are aware of the many reasons to start your own collection right away. It’s easy to pick a theme and get started, and it’s a great deal of fun to watch your plush toy collection grow

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