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How To Clean and Keep Cute Stuffed Animals

Among all these kids toys with different designs and different raw materials, I am sure the soft and cute stuffed animals such as common stuffed dogs, stuffed pandas and famous stuffed teddy bears are the children’s favorite ones, especially the girls. When playing with stuffed animals, children treat them as their sons or daughters, they wash them face, pretend to feed them and so on. However, as for parents, it is not easy to keep and clean these lovely stuffed animals.

When you want to clean and disinfect them, you can do it by yourself. Of course, if you are too busy to clean them or you want to clean them completely, they best way should be send them to the laundry to do the thorough clean. Nowadays, too many laundries can offer such service and the cost of stuffed cleaning is about 10 U.S. dollar to 20 U.S. dollar, which is cheaper than your imagine. The advantage of being cleaned in laundries is that toys can be kept as the new ones. However, if you want to save money and clean them by yourself, it is also easy, you can try two cleaning ways introduced below.

Firstly, clean the stuffed cotton inside and the outside separately, you should find the toys’ suture and cut it carefully, take out the cotton to clean. Secondly, not to clean them separately, just throw the whole stuffed animals into washing machine or wash them by hands. After cleaning with any ways, it is better to dry by airing and not to dry them under sun directly. Some stuffed animals’ skin would be faded if exposed to sunlight directly, which is so serious.

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If the stuffed animals have broken holes, the best way is to sew up with cotton. If their eyes or nose are fell, it is difficult to solve because as usual there is no special store which sells stuffed toys accessories such as eyes or nose.

Playing with right ways to extend the using time of stuffed animals. Three ways about how to keep stuffed animals are introduced to you.

Firstly, not to throw away the paper package box or plastic package bags because you can use them to store toys so that they are not easily dirtied.

Secondly, if the climate in your living condition is too humid, you’d better use desiccating agent to keep toys to prevent damp.

Thirdly, you’d better not to squeeze them so that they would not be out of shape and damaged.

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