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How to Draw Animals Step by Step

Drawing is fun. The best way to calm a child is to give him/her pencil, crayons and a blank paper and ask him/her to draw. Although, within a short time, the child will start expressing his/her visions on paper, you will soon realize that even a child gifted with natural drawing skills need some help to draw the human and animal figures.

Drawing is a rewarding hobby. Both kids and adults are tempted to master drawing skills. While few gifted people draw great sketches with least effort, others need some lessons in drawing to produce outstanding pictures. If you have experimented with your drawing tools as a child or watched children drawing, you will realize that drawing animals is quite tough.

However, drawing animals is not as hard as most people believe. There is subtle difference between drawing animals and humans or other ubiquitous objects. Drawing involves certain steps. Only by following these specific steps, interesting drawings of animals can be created.

Steps in Drawing Animals

Drawing Tools

Before proceeding, make sure you have the basic drawing tools. Drawing is an inexpensive hobby. Nonetheless, to ease drawing, you need good quality pencil, eraser, pencil-sharpener and a paper. The pencil should be properly sharpened. You may need few readily available extra tools such as crayons and felt-tip pens for boosting the visual appeal of the drawing.

Capture the Shape

There is no uniform rule in drawing animals. As animals come in different shapes, capturing the basic shape of the animal is of paramount importance. There is a basic underlying shape of every animal. While teaching how to draw animals, most art teachers encourage children to start drawing by drawing the full basic shape such as a triangle, rectangle or a circle. Although, the unwanted parts will be erased when the final sketch is ready, nonetheless, with the basic shape as the base of the sketch, beginners can easily grasp the important steps in drawing animals.

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Draw Step by Step

Drawing is an orderly process. You cannot proceed haphazardly, selecting steps whimsically. Strictly adhere to the instructions of your art teachers. Once the basic shape is drawn, details are gradually added to create the complete image. During the first drawing lessons, a child learns how to draw simple and cute animals. They may not look exactly like animals as we see them, they help to introduce a child to the fascinating world of art. Over time, with practice your child will become a talented artist.

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