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Valentine’s Day Presents – Top 5 Plush Animals

February may be a cold month, but there is one day that at least manages to warm our hearts emotionally. That’s right, it’s February 14th: Valentine’s Day. On this day, nothing shows your sweetie you care for them more than a stuffed animal. This great classic gift may be heartwarming, but it also requires you to make a choice. After all, there are lot of animals available, which one should you pick? This article will help you answer that question by outlining the five greatest stuffed animal gifts for Valentine’s Day. You’ll even get some tips for the day along the way!

#5. Stuffed Bunnies

This cuddly critter is sure to warm the coldest of hearts! After all, there aren’t many stuffed animals cuter than the bunny. With soft fur and an adorable face, this is one gift that is sure to be sweet. It may not be a classic animal for Valentine’s Day, but pair a cute bunny with an accessory or just give it on its own and you’ve got a very endearing gift.

#4. Stuffed Lions

Who doesn’t like the mighty lion? You could get a classic appearing lion, or something a bit more innovative. Whichever way you decide to go, the lion is great for conveying a variety of messages. Just to name a few, a plush lion could convey power, beauty, courage, or even royalty. This can be a wonderful way to show how you feel without having to resort to pretty words or poetry. After all, actions speak louder than words!

#3. Stuffed Tigers

Still a traditionally sweet plush toy, the tiger can also convey power or vigor, which makes it a great gift for a guy. It can also be a particularly fun way to convey a message. For example, leave the toy somewhere where he’s sure to see it, or have it delivered to his home or office. Make sure the stuffed animal has a note on it with something along the lines of “I can’t wait to see you tonight, tiger!” He’s sure to feel great after getting a message and sentiment like that from you!

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#2. Plush Pets

Whether a dog, cat, or something slightly less traditional, plush pets certainly deserve the number two spot. This is an especially good idea if you know your sweetie has a favorite pet that they’d like to own or one that they already do. For example, maybe your girlfriend just adopted a new kitten. Get her a plush cat and present it to her in a unique way. Maybe you could hide it in a bouquet of flowers (if it was small), or if it was larger you could have it hold a rose or a bouquet in its paws. Something this cute would certainly warm the heart.

#1. Teddy Bears

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone that the teddy bear is the number one Valentine’s Day stuffed animal! After all, this stuffed toy has practically become synonymous with February 14th, and you’ll see hearts in teddy bears all over through the first half of February. Giving your sweetie a teddy bear is a great nod to the holiday, and it can be paired with many things. This could include traditional favorites such as flowers and chocolates, to more modern ideas such as restaurant gift certificates or a love-song loaded ipod, or even something extravagant such as tickets to a big game or a couple’s bed and breakfast.

So there you have it, no matter what you choose among the top five, you are sure to have a hit! Remember, a sweet and cuddly stuffed animal is sure to warm your sweetie’s heart during one of the coldest months of winter!

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