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Cat Training And You

Cats by their very nature, are quite independent animals, making the prospect of cat training seem quite difficult, if not impossible. Although your cat may seem stubborn and much too independent, changing your cat’s behavior can be successfully achieved through training. It just requires following the right strategies, and your commitment to follow through on the requisite rewards and punishments.

Cats are extremely clever animals, yet they do not comprehend the standard of cause and effect like people do. When you scrutinize a cat’s behavior it is crucial to take action without delay or your response will not be very effective because the cat cannot make the connection between its unacceptable behavior and your reaction.

A great technique to incorporate into your cat or kitten training is to encourage opposite behavior. Because cats are typically more affected by favorable reinforcement rather than punishment, this technique is usually successful. For example, if your cat is playfully clawing the fabric of your favorite chair, redirect your cat’s behavior to a toy.

As with most cats, they will react to cat training fine if there is an incentive attached to their excellent performance. Buy your cat’s preferred snacks and be sure to compensate your cat with a prize whenever fine actions are observed. It can also be accommodating to compensate your pet with love. On countless occasions a hug or petting session can be just as effective.

When undertaking cat training, one of the most important things to remember is never to use violent punishments, even when the animal seems to be deliberately ignoring you. Physical violence will only make your cat afraid of you, and cause stress in your relationship with your pet. Cruelty is counterproductive; you’ll make far more progress with positive reinforcement.

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It could be very hard to train a cat, but you can change your cats behavior with the appropriate approach. You should never be violent to your cat and should always respond friendly.

Cats are independent, intelligent pets. Cat training can be a difficult and time consuming project, and must be done correctly and with patience for good results. To train a cat, you must react immediately to the animal’s behavior. They respond best to positive reinforcement, by either giving them loving attention or treats. Kitten training is a method that encourages positive behavior without punishing undesirable behavior. Negative responses to behavior may make your pet trust you less and be less willing to please you. The rewards for proper training are a pet that loves and respects you for as long as your relationship lasts.

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