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Pet Adoption Rescue Is A Sad Necessity In This Country

It is unfortunate that pet adoption rescue services need to take place daily in this country. It’s a tragic commentary on how we treat pets. Animals of every stripe are neglected, abused and even discarded as if they have no feelings of suffering and pain associated with loss of care.

The reality is that most abandoned animals left on the street will find their way to an animal shelter and end up being put to death because no one wants to adopt them. Each day across the United States, in every city, this tragedy occurs again and again.

The need for pet rescue is so overwhelming because there simply are not enough loving homes for the pets that are born in this country each year. If dog and cat owners were more responsible by spaying and neutering their pets, there would be much less of a problem of overpopulation of unwanted animals.

Before pets are euthanized, thousands of unnamed individuals work tirelessly, as does the Humane Society, to find homes for as many of these unfortunate pets as possible. Pet adoption agencies, which are almost wholly staffed by volunteers who give of their precious time, do their best to provide dignified care and comfort to the dogs, cats and other animals in their charge.

One time-honored recommendation from those in the field of pet rescue is to not buy a pet from the pet store. Often times these animals are bred for profit in what is considered a puppy mill setting. Puppy mills are generally atrocious confines where dogs, cats and other pets live in squalid conditions.

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Pet adoption rescue professionals postulate that you continue the cycle of animal cruelty when you purchase your pets from a pet store that buys animals from puppy mills. You can deter the abuse of animals by buying your future pet at a pet adoption center or from your local SPCA where there are an abundant number of pets looking for a loving home.

In an ideal world, all pets that are born would receive a loving, caring home. In reality, many pets are treated simply as a commodity and are abused and neglected by their breeders. It is really sad to see animals treated inhumanely because we, as a people, should honor the dignity of every living creature on this earth.

Get a local pound or pet shelter pet if you want to be part of the solution that will lessen the need for pet adoption rescues in this country. Spay or neuter all dogs or cats when appropriate to make sure there are no unintended or unwanted pregnancies. And finally, since your pet’s life is so short on this earth, provide the best love and care so it has a happy and healthy life.

Our nation has a terrible problem with unwanted animals. To learn more about the crises and the heroic volunteers involved in helping out, check out Pet Adoption Rescue. Also, you can check out Adopt A Pet Search if you are interested in having a pet in the near future.
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