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Clicker Training with Cats

by Justin_Smith Clicker training isn't just for dogs anymore. Dr. Frank at Best Friends Animal Society is giving cats a chance to show off their skills. Best Friends Animal Society is a nonprofit organization building no-kill programs and partnerships that will bring about a day when there are No More Homeless

How to Clicker Train Your Cat

by alexanderino Today I'm going to teach you something... strange. Have you ever wanted to teach your cat a trick? Using conditioning : click = treat, you can shape your cat's behavior into a "trick" ----- Here's how ! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you liked this video, SUBSCRIBE You can follow me on twitter!

Clicker Training a Kitten

by elycefeliz This stray kitten followed us home one month ago. Van is having a great time clicker training him! Umbra already knows how to sit on cue and touch a target. Here, Van demonstrates how he shaped a new behavior. How cute and smart is


by Patcat67 - Dany (toujours aussi peu présente...) I've "clicker trained" animals for more than 29 years. My cat Didga and I will teach you how to "charge" the clicker. From there you can teach your cat all sorts of things. Thanks for subscribing and sharing my videos. Other videos