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Newborn Kittens: How to Raise a Healthy One

by maza34 The absolute best place for newborn kittens to be is with their mothers. They need valuable antibodies from her colostrum and need her constant licking and care. Sometimes newborn kittens are separated from their mothers and need to be raised by humans. Although this isn't ideal, you can

3 Major Mistakes with New Kittens

by SaurabhChatterjee How can you mess up adopting a new kitten? Apparently, pretty easily. This week, Dr. Andy shares 3 common mistakes people make when they bring home a new fuzzy feline friend. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join world-renowned veterinarian Dr. Andy Roark each week as he shares his best tips to keep your pet

Litter Box Training for Kittens

by Sugarfoot67 When it is potty training, a kitten doesn't need the freedom of roaming around all of the house. Limit her to a small area like the den. A place where you hang out a lot will insure the kitten is near you. This enables you to observe the

Training Kittens Techniques

by mortimer? Cats have a tendency to give off an image of camaraderie and aloofness all in one. However, they are extremely sociable animals, so you should not let that aloofness part scare you away. When a cat is well trained by a human friend, they can form some relationships

Training Kittens Advice

by maza34 Congratulations on your new found friend you got there as that little kitten truly is a beauty. You should hold that kitten close to you and never let go. You should also not forget that your kitten must be trained. Training a kitten can be difficult but it