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Basic Puppy Training Techniques

by bullcitydogs There are a number of important guidelines that you need to keep in mind when teaching your puppy the basics about good behavior. Exercising the right training techniques is what will make or break your training regimen with your dog. Follow these five important guidelines and teaching your

Are There Techniques That Actually Work With Cat Training?

by aliceinthepoetsheartland Everybody knows that you can train a dog to do allot of things including behaving, fetching, even doing cute tricks for it's owner, but what about cats? Can you actually train your cat? The answer is yes but there are limitations. Although it is quite possible to train

Puppy Training Techniques And Tips

by bullcitydogs Puppy training techniques are vital resources in nurturing a puppy. Teaching your dog the skills important for socialization and obedience can help minimize the frustrations that accompany getting an untrained dog. Not all puppies are just as responsive to training, however, and uncovering the techniques that best fit

Leash Training Puppy Techniques You Can Learn

by airwaves1 When it comes to puppy training, most people try a variety of methods before they find one that is completely useful for them. One method that has become very popular in recent years is the use of the head collar when leash training puppy.A head collar is a

Training Kittens Techniques

by mortimer? Cats have a tendency to give off an image of camaraderie and aloofness all in one. However, they are extremely sociable animals, so you should not let that aloofness part scare you away. When a cat is well trained by a human friend, they can form some relationships